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Rethinking Running Rehab

Rethinking Running Rehab

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Join Dr Beau Beard in this Two-Day Seminar, designed to foster Diagnostic and treatment advancements for practitioners dedicated to the well-being of runners and all individuals striving to improve beyond their current state.

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What will we be doing/learning?

If all you’re looking at is volume, intensity, and time…you’re missing one of the biggest pieces of the running puzzle – movement quality.

More runners are being injured than ever before, and too many practitioners are using antiquated assessment and treatment methods. This flies in the face of our “growing” understanding of treating injuries and deciphering running biomechanics.

Rethinking Running Rehab translates the latest research into actionable clinical practice concepts. Learn a holistic approach to athlete management, the role that aerobic capacity (or lack thereof) plays in almost all injuries, and most importantly, the miseducation around what is considered normal from a running gait perspective.

  • Why do so many running injuries occur? And how can you prevent them?
  • Why are some people plagued with chronic injuries while others are rarely affected?
  • How much do “proper” mechanics and foot strike matter?
  • How to effectively tailor training programs around injury management
  • What can you do to get runners doing work outside the sagittal plane?

You’ll also explore hot topics like VO2 max, footwear, foot strike, and gait analysis. Walk away with dynamic and functional assessment strategies that save you time alongside today’s most effective conservative musculoskeletal care techniques.

Best of all? These strategies are applicable for all lower extremity athletes and injuries, not just runners! Register today!

Course Objectives

  • Investigate the importance of aerobic capacity as the foundation upon which efficient and pain-free movement strategy is built.
  • Analyze the relationship between aerobic capacity, pain, and movement
  • Diagnose both the pathogenesis and the functional audit pertaining to a runner’s injury efficiently and effectively.
  • Using a systems approach, determine how to make an appreciable change in running gait for injury rehabilitation and performance purposes.
  • Inspect the importance of phenotyping for runners’ rehab and training purposes.
  • Evaluate the most current literature and case studies that address the importance of the diagnostic process utilized within The FARM systems approach.
  • Develop a framework for managing endurance athletes rather than simply treating injuries.


Dr. Beau Beard

Beau Beard is a health conservationist, educator, storyteller, and adventurer who constantly pushes to determine what it means to go beyond normal limits. He is the co-founder, alongside his wife Sloan Beard, and clinic director of The FARM: Functional Athletic Rehabilitation and Movement. He has been interested in the fields of health and human performance since suffering a femur fracture in middle school resulting in surgery. He was told he would never play sports again, but with proper rehabilitation and a phenomenal chiropractor, he was back to playing multiple sports within a year

This journey has driven him to help as many people as possible, in as many ways as he can. Dr. Beau strives to learn as much as he can every day, which has led to thousands of hours of continuing education over the last decade, in pursuit of true clinical excellence. He also teaches seminars for movement and health practitioners across the world.

Beau is an internationally recognized educator and speaker, specializing in topics from running performance, environmental health, and clinical reasoning. He has consulted and worked with professional athletes, Olympic medalists, multiple branches of the military and special operations units, and many university-level athletics programs. He spoke at TEDx Birmingham 2019 on the topic of Environmental Reflection, where he drew connections between the most daunting issues facing human and environmental health, and how we may go about remedying both by focusing on ourselves.

He is the author of The Age of Movement which is a look at movement throughout the entirety of the biological record, a guide for humans on what optimal movement at any age looks like, and how we can tackle most health issues with a focus on fundamentals.

Beau sits on the board for Coosa Riverkeeper, which is a Birmingham-based non-profit charged with protecting the Coosa River basin. He also is one of the founding board members of Rehab 2 Performance, which is a non-profit designed to bridge the gap between rehab and performance by integrating principles that span different disciplines in the way practitioners learn, practice, and share information to allow for more patient and client-centered interventions.