The Story

We've been here for a while. 20+ years, to be exact.

Gather round, let me tell you an old-timey story about how Somatic Senses Education came to be...

Somatic Senses Education (SSE) was born of a need. In 2003, Dr Michael Maxwell was having his frustrations with the caliber of educational opportunities with which he was being presented outside of the usual academic rigor of University. He simply wanted more knowledge from people who were in the trenches themselves, and especially those who were world-class at their jobs. With a burning desire to learn more and a thirst for applicable knowledge, Dr Maxwell started seeking out world-class educators to teach him and groups of his friends in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Seeing the motivation, knowledge transfer, and excellence that came from weekend seminars, Dr. Maxwell "accidentally" founded Somatic Senses Education, bringing thought leaders and renowned educators to the West Coast of Canada to scratch his own itch, while raising the level of an entire industry in his home country.

8 years later, having just moved to the West Coast of Canada and looking to launch a successful healthcare career, Dr Benjamin Stevens started attending as many continuing education courses as he could get his hands on. Naturally, this led him to Somatic Senses Education, where he became great friends with Dr Maxwell and eventually the owner of Somatic Senses. To this day Somatic Senses Education has continued the tradition of bringing world-class education to cities all across Canada and the USA, half to feed their own need to continually evolve, and half to elevate the industry as a whole.

Through the years, SSE has worked with and helped launch the careers of many wildly successful educators/companies, such as Stu McGill, Annie O'Connor, Clayton Skaggs, Kristian Thorborg, Kathy Dooley, Michael Shacklock, Brett Winchester, FMS/SFMA, FR/FRC, DNS, Jeremy Lewis, Zac Cupples, Charlie Weingroff, Chris Powers, Chris Johnson, FAKTR, Greg Lehman, Anatomy Trains, Gait Happens, MPI, Phillip Snell, and Richard Ulm...just to name a few.

What's with the name?

Frankly, when you ask a 20-year-old to name a company, he just comes up with something that sounds cool. 20 years later and with 5,000+ therapists trained, it's just too hard to change. 😅

What if I have questions?

This is intentionally a very small company. We don't have a support "team", just real humans responding to emails one at a time. If you need anything at any time, just reply to one of our emails or contact us through our website. Sometimes, all of us will be at the beach. But usually, someone will get back to you within a couple of days. If all else fails, send a carrier pigeon or use smoke signals.

It's time to take a course