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90+% of the inquiries we receive can be addressed simply by reading a course page in its entirety. You will likely find answers quicker by reading every section of a course page in which you are interested. Here are the most common inquiries and the usual responses:

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Q: Do you know where the course will be taking place yet? (Venue)

A: If we do know it, it will be posted on the course page. Please read the entire page, all the way to the bottom. If we don't know it, we will post it on the course page as soon as we know.

Q: I haven't received any info about the course yet. When will you be sending out the info?

A: Generally, we will send out any pertinent details approximately one week before (typically on the Monday before) the course, to allow time for all the cancellations, changes, and details to be settled first. However, aside from minor details like parking and to-the-minute schedules, most all details can be found on the course page well in advance.

Q: Is my course approved for CE Credits in my province or state?

A: Please familiarize yourself with your local requirements before reaching out. With 60+ jurisdictions and 10+ professions asking this question, it is likely that you can find the answer much quicker than we can the vast majority of the time.

If your area requires pre-approval, (such as for Chiropractors in Alberta) you should be able to find it on your regulatory board or associations approved listings.

If your area requires pre-approval but you cannot find it on the approved list, please do reach out, as we may have it in the process!

Q: When will I get access to the online portion of my course?

A: All courses generally receive access to the online portion of their course (if there is any) between two weeks and one month prior to the in-person section. This varies from course to course, but if you don't have access yet, chances are that it's too early and no one has access yet.

Q: I can't find my online course/I can't find my in-person course.

A: For some legal and tax reasons, online and in-person courses have to be billed separately and taxed differently. If you are looking to find your online courses, please login here. If you are looking for your in-person courses, please login here.

Thanks for reading! We look forward to hearing from you. 

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