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Concussion Foundations

Designed specifically for Musculoskeletal, Manual, and Exercise Therapists, this course will be highly applicable and useable for general practitioners who want a toolkit to assess, guide, educate, treat, and rehab concussion clients.

The T.M.J. Connection

With approximately 12% of the population suffering from tempero-mandibular dysfunction, our industry is in need of a fresh -- and more importantly, integrated -- approach to studying, assessing, diagnosing, treating, and rehabbing the temporomandibular joint.

The LGBTQ Athlete


Our responsibility as health providers is the be inclusive and understanding of all. In this course, we will explore the fundamental physiological, physical, societal, emotional, and organizational challenges faced by athletes belonging to the LGBTQ+ community.

Reflex Locomotion According to Vojta

Complex movement requires global muscular interactions that allow us to verticalize during the first year of life. Understanding these global muscle plays, identifying their deficits, and how to restore muscular synergy for ideal movement is the goal of reflex locomotion.

E.L.D.O.A (Level 1 & 2)

An ELDOA consists of creating a full-body position that will target a specific articular functional unit. Through active movement, the inferior segment is fixated while the superior segment is mobilized.

Clinical Neurodynamic Solutions

Neurodynamics is the study, assessment, and treatment of the movement of the peripheral nervous system. Michael Shacklock originated the concept in 1995 with his paper in the British Journal Physiotherapy, forming future scientific cornerstones to be applied in clinical practice.

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Evaluation and Management of the Ice Hockey Athlete

This one-day course will explore the unique challenges of evaluating and managing injuries in the ice hockey athlete. Topics will range from the biomechanical and physiological demands of the sport to how to properly evaluate, treat, and safely return the athlete to the ice

The Athlete's Hip

As hip pain has become more prominent among athletes, surgical procedures have increased exponentially while conservative management has lagged behind. Participants will learn how to evaluate, treat, and return athletes presenting with intra-articular and extra-articular pathology.

Functional Gait Assessment Level 1


Learn functional gait assessment from the world-famous expert Dr. Courtney Conley of Gait Happens. This course involves connecting the relationship of the kinetic chain as well as the anatomy and biomechanics of the lower quarter. Participants will leave with a better understanding of how to assess the lower quarter through dynamic gait analysis, postural assessment, palpation, and dynamic orthopedic testing.

Pediatric Science - The Infant Course

For clinicians looking to understand all things health and wellness for the client between 0 days old and onset of walking. A broad array of topics will be covered to enable non-specialist therapists to make critical decisions and interventions for the health of infants and their families.

Therapeutic Movement & Exercise

Ft Ben Cormack

Exercise and movement are fantastic tools to help our patients, but the complexity and uncertainty of clinical practice can make its application tough. What’s the best exercise? What if I underload, overload, or even make them worse? What does the evidence say I should do?

Osteo-Articular Joint Pumping of the Lower Limb

Fluid is a major element of the fasciae. The proper flow of fluid -- within the fibers and ground substance, within an articulation, from one fascia to another and during acute and chronic inflammatory processes --  is requisite for optimal physiological and biomechanical function.

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