Kettlebell Science Name Change

Kettlebells for Clinicians is now Kettlebell Science

So…Why the name change?

It’s simple really, the course evolved to cover a very large spectrum of ideals and applications. We spend equal amounts of time talking about rehab as we do performance (with a slight leaning towards performance). This is because there are themes, scientific principles, and applications that fit along the full spectrum from detrained to athletic performance. Movement competencies and appropriate loading can (and should) be applied in training and in rehab. We learn, but we also sweat. We focus on the nuance, but not at the expense of the bigger picture. The name “for Clinicians” scared off some trainers, coaches, kinesiologists, movement specialists, and others, purely because it sounded like we were going to focus a lot of our time on “therapy” (although, I would argue that training is the best kind of therapy…but we’ll leave that for the course.) I assure you that your geriatric clients, your athletes, as well as your heavily injured patients will benefit from the knowledge we’ll cover in this course.

The original name was such almost entirely because I needed more ways to teach clinicians how to load properly. The world has enough theraband exercises and “postural resets” to last us a lifetime. We all know that exercise, and specifically resistance training, is one of the most evidence based approaches to both pain and performance, and yet many therapists (and even lots of trainers) don’t put external resistance into peoples’ hands and teach them to manage it. Is that pink dumbbell going to be useful when grandma needs to put her carry-on luggage in the overhead compartment? Is that yellow theraband helping your athlete move more aggressively at speed? Is that long, “vigorous” walk teaching your clients how to accept the impact of a fall or perturbation? These things have their place, but overall we can, and should, do better.

Clinicians need to load more. Period. But trainers also need to understand the details and nuanced applications of the implements they’re using. Hence, we mash these two needs into one course, now called Kettlebell Science. If you’re a clinician that wants to put weight on patients and have them adapt into robust humans, please come out to a course. If you’re a trainer that wants to understand and apply the foundational differences in training with kettlebells, both as system and implement, please come out to a course. Everyone is going to get so much more out of this than just a kettlebell course. If you have any questions you can reach out to me personally at ben [at]

Take care.

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