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Modern Strength Training: Blood Flow Restriction Training – Victoria 2019

June 7 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm PDT

$395 – $595

The Safe and Effective System to Integrate Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Therapy with Patients and Clients.

Course Description

Blood flow restriction training is a safe and effective technique that allows your patients and clients to achieve the same physiological adaptations associated with high intensity strength training, without the joint stress! Use it as primary or secondary training, on deload weeks, as a recovery strategy, aerobic or resistance, land or water - the options are endless!

This course includes an online educational experience day lecture (6 hours) that will cover:

  • A review of the exercise physiology principles of strength training
  • Current guidelines for traditional strength training
  • The history and science behind blood flow restriction training
  • Safety and efficacy for the patient and clinician
  • Application of blood flow restriction tourniquets
  • Determining a patient’s limb occlusion pressure (LOP) using Doppler Ultrasound
  • Blood flow restriction training methods and proposed clinical protocols
  • Lab videos demonstrating BFR with UE and LE exercises

BFR is beneficial for:

  • Adjunct to general strengthening and conditioning
  • Post-op (TKR, THR, ACL and meniscus repairs)
  • Athletes (recovery days or during in-season training)
  • Injuries requiring long periods of non-weight bearing
  • Elderly ...and anyone with muscles.

Pictures of BFR in action

BFR is a widely popular and in-demand service for athletes and patients..and for good reason!

  • It’s SAFE - improve hypertrophy and strength while minimizing the risk for injury by being able to exercise at a lower intensity.
  • It’s EFFECTIVE - improve endocrine response and heightened cell signalling for QUICK hypertrophy and strength gains in your clients and patients.
  • It’s VERSATILE - utilize with a variety of populations, athletes or clinical rehab patients.

About the Instructor

Dr. Kyle Coffey is a physical therapist, exercise physiologist, faculty member, and clinical educator who is passionate about increasing knowledge of movement, health, and wellness with patients and clinicians. Driven by research and experience, his ultimate goal is to get every person he works with to explore movement.

In addition to owning his own clinic and educational company, Motus Physical Therapy and Performance, Dr. Coffey is a full-time Lecturer and Exercise Physiology Program Director at his alma mater, the University of Massachusetts Lowell. His research interests include the role of physical activity in memory, cognition, and academic achievement particularly in the elementary through high school population. Dr. Coffey is also the Massachusetts State Representative for the New England College of Sports Medicine (NEACSM).

What began as self-application of blood flow restriction (BFR) training to stay healthy while recovering from an upper extremity injury, turned into a love for the research and a desire to safely and effectively apply in both the rehab and training populations. Time is our greatest resource, in life and in the clinic - an adjunct to traditional strength training was needed to help people train and rehab smarter, not harder. Thus Modern Strength Training was born!

Outside work, Kyle likes to spend time with his wife, son, and dog. He enjoys cycling, running, reading, gardening, and landscaping. He has a good sense of humor and challenges you to give him a good one-liner.


This course is a Hybrid 1.5 Day Live/Online Workshop (6 hours online, 1 day live)


June 7
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
$395 – $595


Dr Kyle Coffey DPT


Greater Victoria Area
Victoria, British Columbia V8W 3M9 Canada + Google Map


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Modern Strength Training: Blood Flow Restriction Training - Victoria 2019$595.00

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