The NECK Connection

By Dr. Kathy Dooley


June 17-18, 2023


Neck Wide

The NECK Connection aims to deliver a detailed, complete, global, and modern approach to assessing and treating the Cervical Spine.

What will we be doing/learning?

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We will discuss the uniqueness of functional anatomy within the cervical spine, discussing the challenges of separating upper and lower cervical spine assessments.

The unique biomechanics of the cervical spine will be discussed, as well as breakdowns of each muscle of the cervical spine.

Every muscle will be discussed for functional movement assessment and palpation, and their function and failures in orthopedic testing will also be noted.

We will review how structures of the cervical spine contribute to global effects, like lumbar spine secondary stabilization, reduction of dural tension, and recruitment for accessory breathing.

Clinical pearls specific to functional anatomy will be discussed, so examinations with patients can direct the clinician where to start on cases.

Perturbations of the cervical system and how it relates to global compensatory patterns will de also be demonstrated.

Common pathophysiologies of the cervical spine will also be discussed, and how they relate to cervical spine assessments.

We will also demonstrate on when grip assessments with dynamometry can be helpful to guide the practitioner on where to start with clients in assessments.

The Cervical Spine, like never before

Attendees will leave the course with an immediate plan of where to start with all patients, to build their confidence in providing more effective treatments.

1-2 Instructors circulate to answer questions and optimize learning, with hands-on help for palpation, assessment, and treatment guidance. 

Course includes: course handout PDF, learning tools for take-home help 

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Course Objectives

  • ID the anatomical location and nerve supply of the majority of structures of the cervical spine. 
  • ID the clinical pearls of functional anatomy knowledge that deem these areas clinically relevant, including amphiarthrodial and diarthrodial cervical joints
  • ID common pathologies of the cervical spine and their evidence-informed assessment and treatment strategies 
  • ID the movements of each muscle/structure on all three planes of movement 
  • ID the palpation of important landmarks on structures that prove useful in assessments 
  • Visualize the structures in interactive formats, especially to enhance the assessment and treatment process 
  • Perfect assessments based upon priority of faulty movement strategy, including orthopedic tests, grip power, and functional movement assessments
  • Dissect common functional movements to optimize their mobility, stability and strength, like grip power, hand cueing, neck movement strategy

Dr Kathy Dooley

Dr. Kathy Dooley is a rehabilitative chiropractor who uses functional anatomy and movement analysis to educate and treat her patients. She utilizes her anatomy and rehabilitative knowledge to help students, colleagues, and patients seek the sources of pain, not just the sites.

Dr. Dooley also teaches gross anatomy as an adjunct professor for five professional institutions: Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College, St. George’s Medical School, NYU College of Dentistry, and Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Sciences.

Dr. Dooley is also the cofounder and lead instructor of Immaculate Dissection Seminars, LLC, an online and in-person seminar series teaching functional anatomy and human movement assessment and correctives.

Dr. Dooley is also a worldwide lead instructor for levels I, II and III of Neurokinetic Therapy Seminars, LLC

She writes for her own website, She is also a reviewer for the scientific journal, Clinical Anatomy.

Degrees: Doctor of Chiropractic, Masters of Science in Clinical Anatomy

Movement Certifications: NKT, SFMA, DNS, MPI, FMS, SFG, RKC, SFL, AiM, Flexible Steel

She resides in both Brooklyn, NY and Boulder, CO, where she splits her time between work and family.

The NECK Connection


June 17-18, 2023


8:00- 5:00 (subject to change)