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A 1-Day Masterclass

Research has shown that individuals who identify as transgender or non-binary face multiple discrimination and minority stress areas, and the athletic world can be worse.  We can help decrease the stigma, isolation, and rejection – and the related adverse social, emotional, physical, and financial outcomes transgender and non-binary people experience non-affirmative environments. Our Clinics should be a space of affirmative care for transgender athletes to achieve their performance goals.   To truly support transgender and non-binary people in our communities, we must have a strong understanding of what each of these identities means and the unique challenges these individuals face. This master class will provide an advanced understanding of identities, experiences, athlete care, and healthcare management for transgender and non-binary athletes.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, providers will be able to provide gender-affirming care to transgender and non-binary athletes. Which will include:

  • Enhanced communication skills in the use of gender-affirming names and pronouns
  • Training in the creation and maintaining paperwork and documentation that is inclusive
  • Understanding rules of play for different events and sporting athletes to compete in the gender identity
  • Helping fit athletes for gender-affirming conservative care binders and prosthetics

Course Outline - 7 hours

9:00 – Sex and Gender 101

History of Gendered Competitions

10:00 – Gender Affirming Care


11:00 – Rules and Regulations for Play in Sport

Individual federations
Grade school


1:00 – Intake Form
Assess their own form and fix

2:00 – Clinical Care & Communication

3:00 – Blood Work and Hormones

4:00 - Binders and Prosthetics


Your Instructor

Dr. Melissa MacDonald DC ICSC CCSP

Dr. Melissa MacDonald (Dr. Mac) is a graduate of Northwestern Health Sciences University where she earned her Doctor of Chiropractic. She then spent two years of specialty training in the Human Performance Center where she focused her research and clinical skills on specific testing and treatment protocols. Additionally, Dr. Mac served as the team Clinician for the Minnesota Vixen, a professional women’s football team that won the conference championship in 2018. She recently traveled to the World Championship of Rowing to provide care for the athletes in Sarasota, FL. Dr. Mac is the Chief Medical Officer for River City Rhythms a Drum Corp International Marching Band and the Team Chiropractor for MN Roller Derby.

Dr. Mac has achieved both international and national certification as a chiropractic sport provider. She is a speaker on sports chiropractic issues in the United States as well as abroad. She is the Sex & Gender instructor at Northwestern Health Sciences University.

The LGBTQ Athlete – Calgary 2022


March 26, 2022
8:00- 5:00 (subject to change)
Calgary, AB