Pediatric Science Infant Course

Pediatric Science - The Infant Course

Please Note Date Change: Sep 2022 --> April 2023

For therapists and clinicians looking to gain an understanding of all things health and wellness for the client between 0 days old and onset of walking. A broad array of topics will be covered to enable non-specialist therapists to make critical decisions and interventions for the health of infants and their families.

Approved for 13 CCOA Hours (Reference #4466 )


Infant Course Objectives

Participants will be able to

  1. Practice ethical, evidence-informed care for their smallest potential patients.
  2. Gain both general and specific understanding of vast knowledge base of pediatric and infant research, as well as fundamental sciences and assumptions from a broad array of professions.
  3. Understand when and how to apply and/or modify multiple common therapy techniques.
  4. Complete a meaningful history and physical exam on an infant patient.
  5. Understand the most common reasons that families seek care for their newborns, what the evidence suggests for these cases, and how we should proceed in an informed manner.
  6. Hold intelligent, collaborative conversations with other professionals when referring and co-managing.

Course Outline

Pediatric Science Breakdwn


  1. Intro to Pediatric Science
  2. What does Evidence Based Practice look like in Infants?
  3. Anatomy
    • Highlights in differences between adult and developmental MSK anatomy
    • Review of progression of MSK development
    • Driving forces in anatomical developmental
  4. Meaningful Health Measures in the infant patient
  5. Motor Development
    • Reflexes
      • Primitive & Postural
    • Milestones: Progressions and Positions
  6. Hands-On Breakout on Motor Development
  7. Complete and meaningful history for an infant patient
  8. Safety, Risk, & Informed Consent
  9. Complete and meaningful physical exam for an infant patient
  10. Review of red flags


  1. Hands-On Breakout - Physical Exam Technique
  2. Treatment technique options for the infant patient
    • Manipulative Therapies & modifications
    • Craniosacral Therapies
    • Soft Tissue Therapies
  3. Hands-On Breakout - Spinal Assessment & Treatment Technique
  4. Patient Education
    • Infant handling & development
    • Physiology and impacts of stress & lifestyle
    • Nutrition
  5. SPECIAL TOPIC - Feeding assessment & support
  6. SPECIAL TOPIC - Torticolis & cranial asymmetries
  7. SPECIAL TOPIC - Functional GI Disorders of the Infant
  8. SPECIAL TOPIC - Infant handling and carrying (for practitioners & parents)
  9. Home care for Infant/Parent

The Three Part Series

This course is one of three courses. These courses do not need to be taken in order, but will help the practitioner to cover the full spectrum of developmental and pediatric care.

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Pediatric Science Infant Course
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These courses are designed to help the "general practitioner" understand and implement the nuances of pediatric care. The practitioner will understand what the evidence suggests (and where it lacks), what standards of care exist, what common practices look like, and how to best serve their youngest clients, either through management or referral. No pre-requisites or specialty course work required prior to attending.

Your Instructor


Dr Amanda Stevens

Dr Amanda Stevens holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiology (psychology focus), a Master's of Science in Applied Clinical Nutrition (developmental focus) and a Doctor of Chiropractic. She currently acts as Study Coordinator for the North American division for the COURSE study on adolescent pain through Parker University, as well as a Subject Matter Expert on Pediatric Nutrition for Logan University's developing Masters of Science in Integrative Pediatrics.

Dr Stevens has been surrounded by developmental health and interventions from a very young age. Growing up, she had a younger sibling who was failing to thrive. As a result of her parents' seeking the best possible care for him, Amanda got to experience a strong and collaborative multidisciplinary approach to pediatric care, resulting in thriving health for her sibling. This encouraged Dr Amanda to focus all of her future education on further understanding the developing systems of children so that she might help others find the same success.

Aside from three university degrees focused on developmental health, Dr Amanda has also pursued extensive post graduate education such as D.N.S., Reflex Locomotion, ICPA, Intersect 4 Kids, Pediatric Summits, ACA specialty courses, and regular topical reviews of the research. Dr Amanda is actively involved in pediatric research efforts through practice-based research networks, safety studies, and guideline initiatives.

Referring to herself as a "developmental" chiropractor, Dr Stevens owns and operates a pediatric- and pregnancy-focused clinic in Kelowna, BC.

Approved for 13 CCOA Hours
Reference# 4430

Pediatric Science – The Infant Course – Calgary 2023


April 29-30, 2023
9:00- 4:00, Sat+Sun
Location: Calgary, AB