Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Level 1

Blood Flow Restriction Rehabilitation (BFR) is a powerful tool for the rehab and fitness professional. This 1-day course will introduce participants to a foundational understanding of BFR, as well as therapeutic and fitness applications.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, attendees will be able to:

  • Discuss the benefits of blood flow restriction (BFR) training
  • Discuss Indications and Contraindications of BFR Training
  • Demonstrate safe and effective placement of BFR cuffs
  • Compare and contrast different uses of BFR from bed ridden to athletic performance training
  • Critically Analyze the utility of BFR in the rehabilitation setting
  • Develop and devise a training program for a potential patient or client
Clinical Set edit

What's Inside?

Hour 1 - Introduction
a. What is Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training
b. Why would a clinician use BFR - Increase Strength/Hypertrophy/Cardiovascular function in a rehab setting
c. Why would a fitness fanatic use BFR - Increase Strength/hypertrophy/Recovery/cardio - in a gym/crossfit setting
d. Case Studies

Hour 2 - The Science Behind BFR Training

Hour 3 - How Does BFR Work?

Hour 4 - Who benefits from BFR?
a. Who should avoid BFR?
a. Indications/Contraindications
b. Programming BFR Training
c. High intensity Training (def.)
d. Low Intensity Training (def.)
e. Establishing a 1RM using a 10RM test
f. Reps and Sets and total volume

What's Inside? (cont'd)

Hour 5 - Using BFR Cuffs

  • Compression Scale -
  • Pneumatic Compression Scale
  • Upper Extremity Application - Zone
    • radial pulse
  • Lower Extremity Application - Zone
    • posterior tibialis pulse

Hour 6 - Upper Extremity Exercises

Hour 7 - Lower Extremity Exercises

Hour 8 - Using BFR for recovery

Hour 9 - Using BFR for increasing Aerobic Capacity


Chase Phelps, MS, RSCC, Director of Sports Science, Stanford University

"The Smart Cuffs BFR certification course was fantastic. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable about the subject matter and was able to deliver the information in a way that the practitioners in the room could immediately apply. The content was a perfect blend of evidence with real world experience. The amount of information I was able to take away from a one day course was amazing and I highly recommend this course to people working in all areas of the human performance field."

About Your Instructor

Dr Stevens has had a prolific career in continuing education since his move to Western Canada in 2011, a year where he attended over 200 hours of continuing ed courses and taught almost as many. Having taught and attended hundreds of courses all across North America on a broad array of topics, he found his way to Somatic Senses naturally through continual involvement in the industry and drive to improve. In operating Somatic Senses, he aims to find the impactful, evidence-based and/or cutting edge approaches to health and bring them to the masses through course work.

Dr Stevens has been teaching continuing education courses since 2012.

Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 4.15.32 PM

Dr Benjamin J Stevens

Dr Stevens has presented on a variety of topics for a wide variety of organizations such as professional sports teams, national and provincial health associations, as well as plethora private groups of trainers and therapists.

He resides in Kelowna, BC where he is in private, concierge practice, working primarily with athletes and complex cases. His current areas of interest include concussion, lumbar disc herniation, Blood Flow Restriction, Post Surgical Return to Sport, and community-wide integration.

In his spare time you'll find him in the gym, touring the backcountry (summer and winter alike), juggling kettlebells at the beach, or spending lots of time with his wife and daughter.

ACAC Approved

Looking for CEUs for your governing body?

If you live anywhere in Canada and want to apply for CEU pre-approval for this course for Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Athletic Therapy, Kinesiology, or Massage Therapy, we will reimburse you the cost of applying (upon approval). The course must be approved for everyone in your profession in your province as a result of your application (you cannot apply for just you).

Reach out via the Contact Us page for more details and to gain our approval for an application.

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