Kettlebells for Clinicians – Victoria 2019

DATE: JUNE 15-16, 2019
9:00- 5:00
Location: TBD

$595.00 $495.00

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Highly Evidence Informed

There have been hundreds of research articles published about the nuances of kettlebell usage. Themes and important messages will be pulled from the pertinent evidence and integrated with years of kettlebell experience from the instructors.

Built for Professionals

This course focuses half on the attendees, half on their clients. This course is meant to give you an understanding of how to take the information and apply it immediately in your own practices, but just as importantly how to coach these movements professionally.

More than kettlebells

Even if you walked away from this weekend without ever touching a kettlebell, you'll come away with specific applicable principles on how to assess and teach movement prerequisites, side step injuries, and progress, regress and lateralize with clients in all situations.

Why Kettlebells? Why Now?

Besides the fact that they're everywhere and everyone seems to be using them...


Why now?

Ten years ago, kettlebells only showed up in niche fitness facilities or select military training applications. Now, due to their adaptation by many of the best strength coaches and clinicians in the world, nearly every gym in the Western world, as well as most of the musculoskeletal rehab clinics, have kettlebells. And yet, many people still don’t understand the principles or scientific application of their usage.

Why Kettlebells?

Because Load Bridges The Gap between broken and breaking records. Kettlebells are convenient (but not easy) weapons of mass instructions, designed as both an implement and system of approach. We use the system to inform rehab and performance training and the unique parameters of the implement to challenge the body in ways other forms of resistance cannot. 

Who should attend

Who should take this course?

Athletic Therapists
Strength and conditioning coaches
Personal trainers
Massage therapists

What if I'm not a therapist?

If human beings come to you to improve their health, you're in therapy.

However, there is no manual therapy or diagnosis in this course. We are focused on load and it's effect on the body primarily.

As long as you have a strong background in human movement, kinesiology, exercise science, or rehab, you could benefit greatly from this course. If part of your job is to work with pained in injured clients, whether in a rehab or fitness setting, this course is for you.

Why take THIS course?

  • Learn kettlebell training from both ends of the spectrum: detrained and rehab oriented, all the way to fitness and performance oriented.
  • Learn what the research says, what it doesn’t say, and where we can learn from other disciplines in our use of kettlebells.
  • Understand what proper and poor technique look like and why it matters
  • Learn when to use kettlebells, when not to, and what tools are right for what applications.
  • Learn systematic progressions of the kettlebell movements from basic (eg; deadlift) to advanced (eg; bottoms up presses and carries)
  • Understand the nuances of kettlebells as an implement and why/how you should use them with your clients.
  • Learn the cues that are most likely to bring about the desired movement outcomes.
  • Learn the clinical and performance implications of the common kettlebell movements (swings, for example) for all populations.
  • How to regress kettlebell training for the detrained client.
  • How to progress kettlebell training and close the gap between the clinic and the gym.
  • Learn how to implement kettlebells with other human movement systems and assessments (such as the SFMA and DNS).

Am I going to become a "kettlebell guy/girl"?

Not at all. This course was built as a platform to introduce the basics and nuances of kettlebells, but more importantly to use them as a conduit to understand much of the most recent advances in human movement, therapy, rehab, and performance.

Pain Science
Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization
The McGill Method
StrongFirst & Dragon Door Kettlebell Systems
Agatsu Kettlebell Training
Martial Arts
Neurodynamics according to Shacklock
MacKenzie Institute

Your Instructor

Dr Benjamin J Stevens

Co-Owner of Somatic Senses, Continuing Ed Junkie, Chiropractor, Kettlebell Coach

Dr Stevens holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology from the University of New Brunswick as well as a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from the Palmer College of Chiropractic West Campus. He started a personal training career over 20 years ago at a local YMCA. He has been in clinical practice in Kelowna, BC, Canada since 2011. His interests involve all of the "fitness sports" such as bodybuilding, Olympic lifting, powerlifting, kettlebell training, Crossfit, and strongman, as well as strength and conditioning, high performance training, and sport rehab. Outside of the clinic/gym, he spends as much time as possible snowboarding, paddleboarding, trekking, camping, and adventuring with his beautiful wife and rambunctious daughter.


Kettlebells for Clinicians – Victoria 2019

DATE: JUNE 15-16, 2019
9:00- 5:00
Location: TBD

$595.00 $495.00