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Osteo-Articular Joint Pumping of the Lower Limb – Calgary 2022

The facilitation of the movement of fluid and nutrients within the joint complex (synovial fluid, water in the collagen tubes of ligaments, tendons, bursae, and lymph) is the the main goal of osteo-articular pumping.


Osteo-articular Joint Pumping

Fluid, especially water, is a major element of the fasciae. The proper flow of fluid: within the fibers and ground substance, within an articulation, from one fascia to another and during acute and chronic inflammatory processes is requisite for proper physiological and biomechanical function of a specific fasciae, articulation and kinetic chain.

Joint pumping improves this fluid flow and improves function with respect to maintaining or improving the health of a specific joint, fasciae, or kinetic chain.

Therapist who learn Joint Pumping techniques begin to acquire the skills in order to increase the quality of the many fasciae in close proximity to the osteo-articular joints. They will also learn to manipulate the inflammatory process in the acute or chronic patient. 

Course Outline

  • Descriptive & Fascial Relational Anatomy of the Lower Limb
  • Classic & Functional Biomechanics
  • The physiology of inflammation
  • The technical basis of joint pumping
  • The Theory of the Complexity model
  • Clinical Application of joint pumping
  • Comprehensive instruction and supervised hands-on learning of the joint pumping techniques for the foot, ankle, knee and the hip


Each course spans 3 days and is taught in 2 parts:

Part 1 (one day) - Virtual theory & anatomy lecture by Guy VOYER, DO. *This is registered for as an independent course delivered directly by Guy Voyer for 350 Euros. It must be completed before attending Part 2. 

Part 2 (two days) - In-person training with an approved SomaTraining Instructor

Osteo-Articular Joint Pumping of the Lower Limb – Calgary 2022

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Joint Pumping - Why use it?

The mobility and stability of the wrist - Osteo-Articular pumping of the capitate.

Guy VOYER DO demonstrates Sacroiliac Joint Pumping

The Three Part Series - Coming to Somatic Senses Education

This course is one of three Joint Pumping courses. These courses do not need to be taken in order, but are classically taken in the order of Lower, Upper, Trunk.

Joint Pumping Logo - Upper
Joint Pumping Logo - Lower
Joint Pumping Logo - Trunk

Within the Pumping Series, you will learn over 50 specific manual articular pumping techniques for the joints of the foot, knee, and hip. For each part of the joint that we address, we stimulate and nourish specific structures of the joints. 

SomaTherapy Overview

The SomaTherapy program is a specialized manual therapy program targeted at the treatment of the human fascial system. The program is based on osteopathic principles and Manual Etiotherapy principles, Guy Voyer’s studies on the fasciae as an anatomist, and his clinical experience as an osteopath. It is a clinician-based curriculum designed to teach the fundamentals of normalizing fluid flow in all fasciae and joints throughout the body.

"The SomaTherapy program aspires to develop the most skilled practitioners, through the process of treatment of the joints, the fasciae and neurovascular systems with manual facilitation to enhance optimum motor control and human function."

With the completion of the whole SomaTherapy program, students obtain a complete and detailed model of how to treat the orthopedic system and gain an understanding and appreciation for the complexity of the interconnectedness of structure and function of all systems in the body.

The program consists of 13 courses, of which the first 3 are Osteo-Articular Joint Pumping.

Your Instructor

Paul Sherman Headshot

Paul Sherman

Paul is a Manual Osteopath with over 15 years experience working in the field of manual therapy, rehabilitation and performance.

Paul grew up competing in both the world of BMX racing and ski racing before becoming a ski coach in Europe. He knows first-hand that it takes more than practice to achieve optimum performance levels, no matter the sport. Inspired by his coaching experiences, Paul became a personal trainer and massage therapist before receiving his BSc Hons in Physiotherapy from the University of Nottingham in the UK.  He then furthered his studies becoming a certified Rolfer and Manual Osteopath.

Paul has been studying under Guy Voyer DO since 2012 and has completed both his Soma Therapy and Soma Training programs attending some of these seminars multiple times.  Paul is currently in Voyers Osteopathic program with an expected graduation in 2020.  Along with this Paul is one of the few chosen instructors picked by Voyer to teach both the Soma Training and Soma Therapy programs and along with his clinical practice runs these programs under Soma Education Vancouver brand.

Paul incorporates everything he has learned through his study with Guy Voyer DO into his busy Manual Osteopathic practice in Vancouver, Squamish and Whistler.  He believes in attention to detail is everything in helping his clients reach their full potential.  He brings a wealth of knowledge to his teachings with a good sense of humor to ease everyone through the program.


Osteo-Articular Joint Pumping of the Lower Limb – Calgary 2022


Oct 22-23, 2022
9:00- 6:00 (subject to change)
Location: Calgary, AB