Étirements Longitudinaux avec Decoaptation Ostéo Articulaire

Translated to English

Longitudinal Osteo-Articular Decoaptation Stretching

What is ELDOA?

The basic principle at work during an ELDOA consists of creating a full-body position that will target a specific articular functional unit. Through active movement, the inferior segment is fixated while the superior segment is mobilized.  The position is created to place all inferior and superior myofascial chains under tension. Many pains, arthroses, neurological pinching, disc compression, and articular lesions result from compactions, compressions, and/or articular blocks. As a solution to these ailments, ELDOA’s consist of very precise postures which target relief in specific articulations. The advantage of these postures is that once you learn them, they take only a minute a day to perform.
For over 35 years Guy Voyer, DO has perfected ELDOA with the continuing goal to hone treatments that deco-op and add more fluidity to the joints. Cortico-corporeal awareness is crucial in order to maintain the precision of these tensions, which combined with active diaphragm and passive cranio-pelvic breathing, will generate the targeted osteo-articular decoaptation. 

Why the ELDOA?

VOYER developed the ELDOA over 30 years ago with the original intent of curing the chronic back pain epidemic.While the ELDOA initially proved itself as a great tool to combat chronic and acute back pain, VOYER soon discovered that his patients using the ELDOA also experienced benefits that extended well beyond back pain including improved visceral function and an overall improved sense of well-being.

The ELDOA achieves its results by working on many levels, including but not limited to:

  • Facet joints separation (De-coaptation)
  • Creation of disc imbibition
  • Improvement of venous return of the joint
  • Normalization of muscle tone (achieved by extreme range contraction)
  • Improvement of spinal proprioception
  • Improved overall kinesthetic sense
  • Normalization of myo-fascial tension
  • Normalization of the autonomic nervous system

VOYER started with the spine, but then applied the basic ELDOA principles to every joint of the body until he had an exercise for all of the joints of the pelvis, TMJ, lower and upper extremity, rib cage and the cranial bones.

For Whom

Are you a HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL and would like to learn new tools? SomaTraining is the perfect addition to your approach to:

  • Chiropractic
  • Physiotherapy
  • Athletic Therapy
  • Kinesiology
  • Osteopathy
  • Massage Therapy
  • Any other medical practioners

This course is both ELDOA 1 and 2

ELDOA 1&2 Combination Course is a four-day course.

It combines ELDOA Level 1 – The Most Frequently Used ELDOA of the Spine – with ELDOA 2 – The ELDOA of the Spine – taught in a four-day course format.

The first part of the course is dedicated to topics specific to ELDOA 1:

  • The Educational Paradigm of Guy VOYER, DO and the Teaching Method – “Learn by Doing”.
  • The History of the ELDOA
  • The Spine – Mobility vs. Stability
  • The General Anatomy and Biomechanics of the Spine
  • Introduction to Spine Biomechanics and the Functional Spine Unit of Junghans
  • Intervertebral Discs
  • The Medical Approach to Back Pain vs. the ELDOA
  • What are the Goals of the ELDOA?
  • The Philosophy of the ELDOA – “You Are Your Own Best Therapist.”

The second part of the course, The ELDOA of the Spine, concentrates on the following topics:

  • Back Pain:  Treat the Symptoms vs. ELDOA – Address the Cause,
  • Good Posture – The Gravity Line and Spine Curvature Disorders,
  • Kapandji Spine Biomechanics and Descriptive Anatomy,
  • Water is Life:  Intracellular Water vs. Extracellular Water, and
  • Introduction to Factors of Progression.
  • Osteo-articular warm-up
  • ELDOA exercise practice

In this four-day course format, student-practitioners complete both ELDOA Level 1 and Level 2 Certification Courses. With the help of the course instructor participants will work in small groups to work out the exercise progressions for each spinal segment and coach each other on how to correctly perform each exercise. This way everyone learns to both do and coach the ELDOA.

The goal of the intensive format is to immerse yourself in the anatomy and mechanics of the ELDOA while getting plenty of practical experience with it.  So by the time you walk out of the class the last day, you will not only feel better and have an improved posture, but are also capable of teaching it to your clients or patient the very next day and deliver amazing results.


Your Instructor

Paul Sherman Headshot

Paul Sherman

Paul is a Manual Osteopath with over 15 years experience working in the field of manual therapy, rehabilitation and performance.

Paul grew up competing in both the world of BMX racing and ski racing before becoming a ski coach in Europe. He knows first-hand that it takes more than practice to achieve optimum performance levels, no matter the sport. Inspired by his coaching experiences, Paul became a personal trainer and massage therapist before receiving his BSc Hons in Physiotherapy from the University of Nottingham in the UK.  He then furthered his studies becoming a certified Rolfer and Manual Osteopath.

Paul has been studying under Guy Voyer DO since 2012 and has completed both his Soma Therapy and Soma Training programs attending some of these seminars multiple times.  Paul is currently in Voyers Osteopathic program with an expected graduation in 2020.  Along with this Paul is one of the few chosen instructors picked by Voyer to teach both the Soma Training and Soma Therapy programs and along with his clinical practice runs these programs under Soma Education Vancouver brand.

Paul incorporates everything he has learned through his study with Guy Voyer DO into his busy Manual Osteopathic practice in Vancouver, Squamish and Whistler.  He believes in attention to detail is everything in helping his clients reach their full potential.  He brings a wealth of knowledge to his teachings with a good sense of humor to ease everyone through the program.



ELDOA 1+2 – Vancouver 2022


Mar 31 - Apr 3, 2022
Class begins at 10:30 on Day 1
9:00- 5:00 (subject to change)
Location: BC Personal Training Institute, Richmond, BC