DNS Pediatrics Course 2

Students who have done the A and B standardized DNS courses can register to the Pediatric Course Part 2 (they do not need to attend the Pediatric Course Part 1)

Students who have completed the Pediatric Course Part 1 can register to the Pediatric Course Part 2 or to the standardized Course B (they do not need to attend the Standardized DNS A Course)

Pediatrics Part 2 Course Objectives

  1. Review of developmental kinesiology covered in DNS Pediatric course part 1

  2. Demonstration of babies:  Be able to recognize ideal and disturbed locomotor patterns and determine developmental age of the babies.

  3. Baby handling – review of the principles described in pediatric course part I. Handling demonstration focusing on key body segments – head and neck, hip, shoulder. Handling of physiological and abnormally developing babies.

  4. Postural analysis & testing of integrated spinal stabilization system– review of tests presented in Course 1 and introduction to additional advanced tests.

  5. DNS assessment and treatment approach to children with: poor posture, asymetry,  torticollis, hip and foot dysplasia

  6. Corrective exercises based on the DNS functional tests and developmental positions. Clarify how DNS corrective exercises can integrate with other exercise strategies in diagnoses listed above

  7. Patient’s & parent’s education

Structure of the DNS Pediatric educational track:

• The Basic Pediatric DNS Course (Part 1) is over 4 days

• The Intermediate Pediatric DNS Course (Part 2) is over 4 days

• Advanced Pediatric DNS Course (Part 3) 4 days

•The Final Course D is over 6 days. This is the general course taking place in Prague both for participants following the standardized educational A-D track and the Pediatric DNS track.

Optional Examinations

Participants who would like to take part in the educational track towards becoming a certified practitioner can take this exam for an additional fee. Participants are required to return the test to the Prague School instructor within 8 weeks following the course. Upon successful completion and passing of the test, a “Certificate of ACHIEVEMENT” from the Prague School of Rehabilitation will be awarded.

Pediatric DNS 1 test:

The test consists of 40 multiple choice questions and 10 picture questions.

Test fee: 50 Euros

Pediatric DNS 2 test:

The test consists of 10 videos of babies and 10 pictures of babies. The student is asked with each image to describe the developmental age, including physiologic and pathologic presentation, and to explain the answers.

Test fee: 100 Euros

Pediatric DNS 3 test:

The test consists of 10 videos of babies and 10 pictures presenting assessment and treatment procedures. The student is asked with each image to describe the functional clinical picture, and comment on demonstrated treatment and suggest optimal treatment strategy, and to explain the answers.

Test fee: 100 Euros

Student may only re-take each test 3 times. The clinician would be required to repeat one or more courses, based upon weaknesses noted in the failed test and determined by the DNS committee, before being able to re-qualify for the certification test.


Martina Ježková

Martina Ježková completed her Physiotherapy Master’s degree in 2001, at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Charles University, Prague. She was a student of esteemed Professors Janda and Lewit, whom she later worked with at the Rehabilitation Clinic, University Hospital Motol, Prague.

In her 17 years of clinical rehabilitation practice at the University hospital, Motol, Martina worked with a broad scope of patients, including babies with cerebral palsy and children with central coordination disturbance, scoliosis, neurological disorder patients, gynaecology patients with functional sterility, pelvic floor dysfunction and other pelvic health issues. She also worked with professional and amateur athletes and elderly patients, to develop movement optimization strategies. In 2018 Martina opened her own private physiotherapy practice, outside of Prague.

Martina was certified therapist in Reflex Locomotion according to Vojta since 2004 and attends regular refresher courses. She has completed numerous professional development and instructor level trainings, including: Development Kinesiology in Rehabilitation and Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization principles (with Prof. Pavel Kolář), Manipulative Therapy in rehabilitation and Post Isometric Relaxation, soft tissue manipulation and manipulation of spine and extremity with Prof. Karel Lewit and Functional Sterility assessment and treatment according to Mojžíšová. In January 2014 Martina completed her first Yoga Instructor certification in Australia. Since 2014 she has continued to study and incorporate Yoga as part of her approach to movement rehabilitation and in 2018, she became a certified Iyengar Yoga instructor. Martina has also completed short courses in Klapp crawling (based on developmental kinesiology), Kinesiotaping, Fascial manipulation techniques according Stecco,, fascial Yoga and Yoga for MS patients.

Martina closely works under Professors Pavel Kolar’s supervision and teaches movement rehabilitation approaches, both nationally and internationally. From 2002 to present, she has been an instructor in rehabilitation at the 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague, teaching both Physiotherapy and Medical students. Since 2004, Martina has served as a certified instructor in Musculoskeletal Techniques according to Lewit and since 2001 as an international certified instructor in Developmental Kinesiology and Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization according to Kolář. Drawing from her clinical practice, Martina has also developed specialized DNS courses in Women’s Health and in the application of DNS principles to Yoga in Rehabilitation.

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