Coaching Competency – Victoria 2018

With Tony Gentilcore

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Who is Tony Gentilcore?

Tony Gentilcore is one of the co-founders of Cressey Sports Performance, which really should have been called "Cressilcore Sports Performance" because that sounds like an awesome castle where a wizard lives (and plays sports).

He's no longer coaching there, but his legacy remains. Tony's Techno Tuesdays will live on forever.

When he’s not picking things up and putting them down himself, he trains people at his studio, CORE, located in Boston, MA. He also contributes to the top fitness magazines and websites around, and sets up a camera in his garage to record his lightsaber skills.

He lives in Boston. With his wife, Lisa, and son, Julian. And cat, Dagny.

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Day 1 - The Shoulder: From Assessment to Badass

9:00am – Opening welcome – lecture

9:10am – Shoulder anatomy & assessment considerations – lecture

10:00am – Shoulder Anatomy, assessment breakdown, key points, & case studies – hands on

12:30pm - Lunch

2:00pm – Corrective strategies based on assessment outcomes, as well as common injuries & conditions. Time spent on thoracic mobility, shoulder positional awareness, goal outcomes – hands on

3:00pm – Performance coaching. How and when to involve higher threshold patterns as well as intensities required for strength & speed improvements. Med ball work, pressing, carries, and pulling movements – hands on

5:30pm – Final question period for Day One

Day 2 - Coaching Competency - Roles of a Coach, Lower Extremity Assessment & Program Design

9:00am - Welcome and Review of the Day

9:15am - Roles of a Coach, Characteristics of “Good” and “Bad” Coach, How to Increase Client/Athlete Motivation.

10:15am - Lower Extremity Assessment – Hips. Discuss anatomy, common screens used to ascertain hip health/performance

12:30pm -Lunch

2:00pm - Hands-on Lower Extremity Correctives, Hip Hinge, Squat, technique breakdown and troubleshooting.

3:30pm - Program Design

5:00pm: Questions, Wrap-Up

Find Tony's writings on the following websites

Date: June 2-3, 2018

Location: 933 Ellery St, Victoria, BC, Canada

Early Bird Deadline: May 4th (inclusive)

Early Bird Extended to May 11th!