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Dr Benjamin J Stevens

Dr Stevens has had a prolific career in continuing education since his move to Western Canada in 2011, a year where he attended over 200 hours of continuing ed courses and taught almost as many. Having taught and attended hundreds of courses all across North America on a broad array of topics, he found his way to Somatic Senses naturally through continual involvement in the industry and drive to improve. In operating Somatic Senses, he aims to find the impactful, evidence-based and/or cutting edge approaches to health and bring them to the masses through course work.

He resides in Kelowna, BC where he is in private, concierge practice, working primarily with athletes and complex cases. His current areas of focus include concussion, lumbar disc herniation, and community-wide excellence.

In his spare time you'll find him touring the backcountry (summer and winter alike), juggling kettlebells at the beach, or spending lots of time with his wife and daughter. 

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Dr Michael Maxwell

Dr. Michael Maxwell has been a fitness, health, exercise rehabilitation and manual therapy nerd since 1998. As a personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, kinesiologist, and Chiropractor, he has sought out key mentors, courses, and conferences to accelerate the acquisition of knowledge and skills necessary to help his clients and patients.

His mission is simple: provide evidence-informed, practical and world-class continuing education featuring industry leading clinicians, educators, and researchers, with the ultimate goal of improving the standards of patient care!

Dr Maxwell resides and practices in Victoria, BC, where he owns and operated a multidisciplinary clinic called Total Body. Outside of work you will find him with a hundred PubMed tabs open on his laptop, enjoying time with his wife and weimaraners, in the woods, by the ocean, or travelling all over the world as an instructor for the infamous Prague School of Rehab.

The Story

Somatic Senses was born of a need. In 2003, Dr Maxwell was having his frustrations with the calibre of educational opportunities with which he was being presented outside of the usual academic rigour of University. He simply wanted more knowledge from people who were in the trenches themselves, and especially those who were world-class at their jobs. With a burning desire to learn more and a thirst for applicable knowledge, Dr Maxwell founded Somatic Senses and started bringing thought leaders and renowned educators to the west coast of Canada to scratch his own itch and raise the level of an entire industry in his home country.

8 years later, having just moved to the West Coast of Canada and looking to launch a successful career, Dr Stevens started attending as many continuing education courses as he could get his hands on. Naturally, this led him to Somatic Senses Education, where he became great friends with Michael and eventually co-owner of Somatic Senses. Together they have continued the tradition of bringing world-class education to cities all across the country (and abroad), half to feed their own need to continually evolve, and half to elevate the industry as a whole. 

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