Course Feedback

  • Last update: 02 December 2014
4.6/5 rating (10 votes)

"Keep up the good work. I love the quality of your courses!"

"The most comprehensive, specific and systematic palpation system I have ever been exposed to that is actually based on the body's three dimensional anatomy and not artistic two dimensional interpretations of such. FR is not a cookbook system but based on research backed principles and techniques that can be applied to any connective tissue based movement restriction." FR Participant

 "This course will revolutionize exercise therapy. Will definitely fill a void for infant, adolescent and adult rehab."

"Not only was the presentation fantastic but the notes have evolved tremendously which assisted my grasp of the concepts. Having the course in a rehab facility with all the equipment to work with was perfect."

"Instructor was excellent. Course material was fresh and insightful."

"Very clinically relevant with lots of ideas for patient self-care. Seminar notes were excellent with ample time to move through them. And excellent snacks!!"

"Hands on, and lots of it. Material was reviewed. Learned extra information that will change the way I practise. Was not expecting this."

"Dr Powers was able to simply break down the biomechanics and give the course participants the tools and confidence to integrate it into practice."

"Evidence based Very clinically relevant"